1. Behold the Fantastical Fetes of the Deercharmer!



    it’s all in the fingers



  2. A message from Ben Williams @beninfo


  3. The tale of one man and his passion for smash’n (rotary phones, eggs, tacos, safety glass), and the woman who challenged it all. #thingsthatshouldexist #dare2dream


  4. "All my messes live in Texas…"

  5. Me Explaining the Point of Dead Air Podcast [dawt] tumblr [dawt] com

    1. me: go to http://deadairpodcast.tumblr.com
    2. Megan: i don't get your dead air podcast
    3. me: its absurd
    4. Megan: it's just white noise, right?
    5. me: yes, like its gonna be a hundred episodes of just static, its ridiculous
    6. Megan: you're making it?
    7. me: yes, an exercise in futility
    8. Megan: why are you doing that? I truly don't get it
    9. me: OK, 1) on top of the bizarre/ insane idea of hundreds of episodes of static that it is predicated upon, the FUNNY PART/ VALUE is the elaborate nonsense description of what the episode is about...
    10. Megan: oh
    11. ok- let me read that
    12. oh- that's funny
    13. me: 2) i am inverting why you would subscribe to a podcast, using it for an entirely diferent purpose than audio, the interesting part is the blurb, not the audio, so people sign up to read the blurb, not to listen
    14. Megan: oh, got it
    15. me: it is an experiment in turning a tool on its head, using it for an entirely different purpose than for what it was intended, 1 part guerilla 2 parts absurd 4 parts nonsense 8 parts insanity 12 to the nth degree parts ridiculousness